Writing Your Posting Effectively

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Writing Your Posting Effectively

Postby Tisabeli » Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:44 am

Your posting's Title should include:

[location] : [timeframe you're planning on purchasing] : [the general description of your purchase].

Here are two examples:

CA, Orange County: Jan to Dec: home furniture

USA: Jan to June: cruise

It is highly recommended to include your budget (the amount you would have spent without any discount) within your posting description to give the Vendors a general idea of the amount of sales they will incur. With this information, they can better calculate the amount of discount they can offer the Pod.

Recommendations when defining your Location.

1. When you indicate the geography / location, keep in mind that you want the most wide-spread area possible so it will attract the greatest number of other Tisabeli members to join the Pod, as well as Retailers capable of fulfilling your purchase request. If / when you limit the geographic area, you are also limiting both the number of Tisabeli members who will join your Pod, and the number of Retailers who will Bid on it!

2. Some purchases will have no geographic limits…for example, gift cards can be supplied easily by the Retailers via the internet or mail. When there is no geographic limit, you should indicate the Location to be = "Global", or perhaps limited to the country in which you live.

3. Service-related purchases will require the services to be fulfilled at a specific geographic location. These should be identified with the specific City (or general city area) where the service will be rendered, for example, you might put the city, county or region in which you live.

4. Other purchases could feasibly be fulfilled by national (or international) Retailers OR by a Retailer local to your area, OR by both. For example, if you are looking to buy jewelery, you may wish the Retailers to be limited to your specific city, OR you may want bids from a national jeweler too.

Recommendations for defining your Purchase Timeframe.

Plan your purchase far enough in the future that will allow other Tisabeli users to search, find, and join your Pod. The more Consumers that join, the better the value your Vendor(s) will offer! Your Posting will expire (and be removed from the Posting list) when your Purchase Timeframe date passes!

Recommendations for your General Description.

Keep it generic so many Consumers could purchase from the same Vendor. For example, don't post that you are planning on purchasing a "Toyota Camry" (that is too specific). Post the description as either "Toyota", or "car". Don't title your posting "Rolex", post it as "high-end timepiece". Don't title your posting "GE Refrigerator", use "Kitchen Appliance".

AFTER YOU SAVE YOUR POSTING, you can share your posting on your Facebook Wall by clicking the Facebook Share (we HIGHLY recommend this!). When you click the Share button, you WILL have the option to include any personal comments about your posting BEFORE you save it to your Facebook Wall. After all, the more people who join your posting, the more purchasing power you'll have.
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