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How to use

Postby Tisabeli » Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:40 pm

Tisabeli was created to enable consumers to coordinate with other consumers who are planning on purchasing the same types of products or services. The result is generating purchasing power when negotiating price or value proposition with vendors.

In other words, we're enabling group discounts on the stuff YOU want to buy.

Other sites offer group discounts on the stuff the Vendor wants you to buy...the stuff THEY select FOR you.


Tisabeli is a FREE service for consumers. It is intended to be used when planning 'larger ticket' item purchases, i.e., purchases that typically cost several hundred dollars, but we'll let you post almost any product or service (with the exception of illegal or immoral items, firearms, or government IDs).

Step 1: Plan your purchase
Use the "Search" feature to find your desired product or service purchase, or your can browse the Forum Categories and Sub-Forums. If your desired product or service is not already posted by another Tisabeli member, add it yourself! Then, wait for other interested members to join the Posting (we call the groups you form with other members "Pods"). You can share your posting on your Facebook Wall by clicking the Facebook Share (we HIGHLY recommend this!). When you click the Share button, you WILL have the option to include any personal comments about your posting BEFORE you save it to your Facebook Wall.

You may want to browse Tisabeli often because new Postings will be added all the time! You can also "Subscribe" to a topic so we can email you when new ones are posted. You can also "Bookmark" a topic (saved Bookmarks will appear in your "User Control Panel").

Step 2: Vendor bidding
Please monitor your Posting frequently because Vendors will offer great values and / or incentives to your Pod. You can use our "Notify me when a reply is posted" option and we will email you whenever changes happen! You can invite additional Vendors to join the bidding by having them contact the Tisabeli sales department at

Step 3: Vote
Vote for the Vendor that offers the best value. Change your vote if a different Vendor offers a better Bid. The unpopular Vendors will be encouraged to offer better values to win your vote.

Step 4: Complete your purchase
Contact or visit your Vendor to complete your purchase. You can print the posting so you can reference it when you visit your Vendor.
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